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Hay Day is getting popularity in the simulation & casual genre. It is available for the Android and iOS devices. The game is including the farming elements, and you need to build a good town. For the town building, you should be focused on currency collection and a perfect layout.

The collection of currency can become easier with the services of Hay Day Hack. There are several ways available that can help you in boosting the amount of fund. With the funds, the players need to focus on buildings and upgrading activities.

Storage buildings

For performing activities, you need to take help from essentials. Some essentials can be earned, and some can be gathered with in-game activities. In order to keep these ones properly, the storage buildings are considered. Following are some.

  • Barn – it can be considered for storing specific animal goods, supplies & products.
  • Silo – when the crops are ready to get from farms, then it can be stored in the silo.
  • Tackle box – for keeping the fishing nets, lobster traps, mystery nets, duck traps & lures, you can consider its way.

On the level 1, you can get the barn and silo. If we talk about the tackle box, then you should reach to level 27 first. By upgrading these units, the gamers can improve the storage capacity.

Trading buildings

In Hay Day, the trade feature is available. Mainly it is working as the source by which you can get some essential for getting success. For such a task, different types of buildings are added by the developers. With the help of these buildings, you can sell –

  • Animal goods
  • Various products
  • Crops

In exchange for these items, the players can get a good amount of in-game currencies. Here, other real-time gamers are also playing an important role. You are able to exchange items with them. Some buildings for accessing trade feature are –

  • The shop

It is also considered as the market. In the market, several kinds of items or things available to buy.

  • Animals
  • Shelters for animals
  • Production buildings
  • Decorations
  • Trees and bushes
  • Fields
  • Service buildings

For buying all these items, you need to spend some diamonds, vouchers, and coins. The shop or market can be accessed from the beginning of the game.

  • Visitors

After a specific time period, the visitors are coming to the farmhouses. It appears as an opportunity to earn currency with ease. Visitors ask for some items, and if you fulfill the requirements, then you can receive experience points and coins.

  • Roadside shops

These specific shops can help you in dealing with other players. Here, the gamers can sell the items and buy them as well. It becomes a good source of earning coins. Another thing is that you should consider the way of a newspaper for advertising the shop and increasing the buyers.

Currency Guide

Currency is working as the base of success. For getting success, you need to develop the town by adding various types of buildings. With the use of currency, all these factors are becoming more useful.

  • Diamonds – it is the premium currency. When it comes to earn diamonds, then the gamers need to put lots of efforts and focus on various factors. You are able to spend the premium currency for boosting the processes and complete orders quickly.
  • Coins – it is the main currency. Coins can be earned by performing basic activities. With it, you should try to follow Hay Day Cheats adequately for making more funds. Proper use of coins can help the players in unlocking various buildings.
  • Vouchers – when you reach level 20 then you can use this particular currency. Vouchers can be used for buying decors & pets. If we talk about its collection, then the way of boats and trucks can be considered.

Paying attention to the currencies and spend them carefully can help the players in getting a quick success.

Key fact

With all these factors, time element is becoming an important factor. You should consider the way of time-consuming processes or activities when you are going to leave it. While playing Hay Day, you should consider less time-consuming. It can be useful in saving and managing the time effectively so try our Hay Day Cheats and have fun.


Hay Day Cheats
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