Dragon Ball Legends Cheats – Zeni and Chrono Crystals Hack 2019

Want to spend your free time in playing an addictive card-based battle game then Dragon Ball Legends will be an apt choice! Developed by Bandai Namco, it is a popular game that will keep you busy in acquiring the ideal heroes and making them influential. So, go for it!




Zeni is the in-game currency of Dragon Ball Legends game, which is required for strengthening your gaming characters and upgrading resources. You will even need Zeni for sending your avatar on adventures, which will enable them to earn Souls, experience points, and other vital items. In short, you need to farm or acquire Zeni in good amounts so that you can grow quickly in the game.

Zeni can be farmed by taking part in several PVP battles so that you can earn them as rewards. Another way to get them is by successfully completing events and story chapters. However, the rewards that you earn from missions are very low and you will need plenty of Zeni to max out a gaming character’s stats. For instance; to max out the stats of a Hero, you will need 600,000 Zeni and for a Sparking character, you will require 1,033,880 Zeni.

This is why most gamers make use of Dragon Ball Legends hack for generating unlimited amount of Zeni immediately. Hacking tools such as Dragon Ball Legends hack are user-friendly and safe, so anyone can use it without facing any difficulties.


Souls are also a similar type of gaming currency, which will help in enhancing the stats of your heroes, buying special resources as well as upgrading the existing gears. You can acquire Souls by completing various missions and watching advertorial videos. A small amount of Souls can be earned as a reward when you complete each level of the game.

To procure Souls in huge quantities, players usually use Dragon Ball Legends cheats or spend real world money. Both of these methods will help you in succeeding quickly in the game; however, using Dragon Ball Legends cheats is certainly a better choice. Hacks and cheats are safe and reliable tools that can improve your gaming experience significantly.

Listed below are some tips and tricks that you should follow to make your Dragon Ball Legends game simpler:

  • Before you begin with a new mission, take some time to check your opponent’s character elements as well as your current team’s stats. This is the right time to shuffle your team and send the best ones to the battlefield. With this simple strategy, you will be able to achieve success in several battles.
  • While planning to create a powerful team, you should try to have a small team that consists of elite warriors. Pick your heroes carefully and enhance their stats to the fullest. Your team should ideally have six heroes that consist of varied elements. Spend resources and time in training them well so that they perform properly in the battlefield.
  • You will come across a main story and events in each level of the game. If you are a beginner then you should concentrate on the main story as those are simple battles and winning them is easy. Once you have completed a few stories, the events can be unlocked. Play the events carefully so that you earn plenty of in-game currencies as well as experience points.
  • Some amazing ways that you could use to level up faster in the game are to repeat playing the story mode, train your gaming characters, etc. Story mode lets you acquire experience points, which are required for leveling. By training your heroes, you will be able to enhance their skills, thereby making them stronger in the battlefield.

All in all, Dragon Ball Legends is an entertaining fighting game wherein you can acquire plenty of heroes and make them fight in the battlefield. To win each battle, you will require numerous resources and in-game currencies; so, use hacking tools like Dragon Ball Legends hacks to acquire them and have a wonderful gaming experience.


Dragon Ball Legends Cheats

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