Coin Master Cheats

Coin Master Cheats – Get Unlimited Coins and Spins

Coin Master is an entertaining online game that can be played by kids as well as adults. Your main aim in the game is to loot villages of several opponents and to grow your own kingdom. To earn resources and currencies, you need to spin the slot machine or use Coin Master Cheats. The progress of the game wholly depends on the outcome of the slot machine. You can acquire Shield, Coin, Raid, etc. on the slot machine as a reward. Depending on what you have acquired, you need to tactically play the game. So, get ready for some fun-time while playing Coin Master Game.

Coin Master Cheats

Interesting Gameplay:

You can begin playing the game by building your first village. This can be done by clicking on the building icon. In the start, you will be provided with 75,000 Coins. These Coins can be used for buying your first structure for the village and for progressing in the game. The only structure available in the beginning is a house, which can be purchased from the village shop. You can buy it for your village by spending Coins. Every other item that is available in the village shop is locked and can be unlocked by reaching new stages.



Uses Of Coins And Ways To Earn Them:

You will need plenty of Coins in the game for constructing new buildings and upgrading the existing ones. Coins can be earned by watching several advertorial videos each day. When you finish a Level and reach the new stage of the game, you earn Coins as a reward.

You can send invitations to various friends through social media accounts like Facebook for playing the game. If your friend accepts the invitation, you will earn a one-time reward in form of Coins. Do not forget to login daily to play the game as this will let you earn good amount of Coins. Spinning on the slot machine is yet another way to earn them.

You can also procure them by attacking and looting other villages. However, the aforesaid methods will make you earn Coins in limited quantities. If you want to earn them in unlimited amounts then you should use Coin Master Hack 2018.

Uses Of Spins And Ways To Earn Them:

Spins are an essential currency of the game as they are required for playing slots. The easiest way to earn five Spins is by playing the game each hour. Yes, you read it right! Every hour that you login to the game, you will get five Spins. Moreover, when you spin the slot machine, you can earn several rewards, which can consist of additional Spins.

Sync your game with social networking sites like Facebook to earn rewards in form of Spins. Most of the gamers find difficulty in earning several Spins for the game. So, they end up spending real money to buy them. By spending around $6, you can procure 60 Spins. However, if you do not want to spend hard-earned money to buy Spins, then you can try Coin Master Cheats.

Connecting With Facebook:

The Coin Master game is incomplete without its official gaming page on Facebook, so you should connect your game with it. Gaming developers are always active on their FB page. They keep promoting their game to players across the globe by holding several contests as well as providing offers. All those gamers who take part in their contests can earn innumerable rewards. Mostly the rewards are in the form of Coins and Spins. In addition, you may earn plenty of currencies by sharing or commenting on a post by the gaming developers.

Friends can be really helpful in Coin Master Game as they can send Coins and Spins to you each day for free of cost. What else could you ask for? However, ensure that you repay their help by gifting them back with Coins and Spins. So, try to make several gaming friends as every day you can send and receive in-game currencies from 100 FB friends.

Another advantage of connecting with FB is that you can make several gaming friends out there. If you have any doubts regarding the game, then you can ask your friends to help. Also, you can read the experiences that they have shared through FB. You can even save your progress in the game through Facebook and share it with other gamers.

Slot Machine:

The entire Coin Master game revolves around the Slot Machine. You need to spin the slot machine in order to earn rewards as well as progress in the game. When you spin the machine, you will get three images on the screen. If you are lucky enough then you can get three same images on the slot machine, which will make you earn maximum amount of rewards. Some of the rewards that you earn in the slot machine are discussed below:


When you get a Shield as a reward on the slot machine, you have to use it for shielding your village from the enemies. It is a useful resource because it provides an opportunity to loot other villages as your own village is already protected. However, a Shield can be used only for one attack, so if you want to attack another village then you need to earn a Shield again in the slot machine.

Pig Face:

A Pig Face is the best resource that you can get in the slot machine. It can help you in becoming rich as you can loot the Coins and other treasures of villages. Always ensure that you attack the wealthiest village around as you will be able to earn all of that by using the Pig Face. The treasures that you earn are in the form of Cards, which are bifurcated into Common and Rare Cards.


Hammer is yet another resource that can be used for looting other villages. Unlike Shield, a Hammer can be used for attacking up to five villages. It is a great resource that can be used for looting various villages and growing your empire.

Raiding A Coin Master:

If you get the Raid image on the slot machine, then you can attack a friend or foe’s village to loot his Coins. Whatever amount of Coins that is available with the enemy will become yours by attacking on him. You will be given three chances to loot the treasure. All you need to do is dig at four places. You have to play strategically because if you dig on the wrong place then you will not earn the treasure.

On the other hand, if you dig on the correct areas, then you will earn plenty of Coins. When all four places that you dig are correct then it will be considered as a perfect raid. This will let you earn the entire treasure of the enemy or the Coin Master. Once you have completed the perfect raid, another Coins Master will get accessible in the game, which will have more amount of treasure in comparison to the previous Coin Master.

To conclude, the Coin Master game is extremely interesting to loot other villages. The game is available on Android and IOS pocket platforms just like our mentioned Coin Master Hacks and can be enjoyed with family as well as friends. So, have fun while playing the Coin Master game!


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  2. this game is like a real addiction for all, very simple and very interesting, you never be bored with this game. but the most interesting is to raid someone area dug out to steal cash really very good , spinner animation is good , area building is also good

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  5. this game is like a real addiction for all, very simple and very interesting, you never be bored with this game. but the most interesting is to raid someone area dug out to steal cash really very good , spinner animation is good , area building is also good

  6. I can’t get enough of this game! Nothing is more fun than competing with family! Raiding their villages and teaming up on others! It’s fun all around! I just wish it was easier to earn spins and coins.

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